25 Most Downloaded Free WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

Photo Gallery, picture gallery, or slideshow are the best way to showcase your images/photos to your readers. There are a lot of different methods to create them, and the alternative you’re most likely to be using Flash or JavaScript.
With flash you can create very nice and impressive animations, however the downside is that Flash isn’t really Search Engine Friendly. And the javaScript enables us to create a great deal of nice effects which are Search Engine Friendly and only need the javascript to be enabled in your browser (which most browsers have by default).

Below is the most downloaded image gallery plugins that we have choosen directly from the wordpress plugin directory. To make it even easier for you to choose, I also added live demo link under every image plugin! All of the resources in this post are categorized and hopefully you will find a number of new plugin that will be practical for your own work.

But before you got ahead here are our other WordPress Image Gallery and Slideshow related posts:

Premium Plugin

TN3 Gallery – jQuery Image Gallery

jquery slideshow
JQuery slideshow plugin, TN3 Gallery is a full fledged HTML based customizable image gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options. Compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers. Powered by jQuery.
- Multiple transitions/effects
- Slideshow options
- CSS Skinning
- Full-screen option

Take a Tour Download

Using Lightbox, Thickbox, and Fancybox Effect

NextGEN Gallery

Demo | Download (Version 1.5.5 | Updated 2010-6-14 | Downloads 2,007,702)
NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option.

Lightbox 2

Demo | Download (Version 2.9.2 | Updated 2010-2-10 | Downloads 385,160)
Used to overlay images on the current page. Lightbox JS v2.2 by Lokesh Dhakar. Now with better regular expressions, courtesy of Michael Tyson!

Shadowbox JS

Demo | Download (Version | Updated 2010-4-6 | Downloads 175,656)
Shadowbox is an online media vieiwing application similar to Lightbox and Thickbox but with more functionality. Supports all types of media.

Lightbox Plus

Demo | Download (Version 2.0.5 | Updated 2010-7-2 | Downloads 112,323)
Lightbox Plus permits users to view larger versions of images, simple slide shows, videos and content all in an overlay.

Lightbox Gallery

Demo | Download (Version 0.6.2 | Updated 2009-12-20 | Downloads 87,964)
This plugin changes the view of galleries to the lightbox.

jQuery Lightbox

Demo | Download (Version 0.10 | Updated 2010-6-29 | Downloads 69,992)
Used to overlay images on the current page.

Shutter Reloaded

Demo | Download (Version 2.4.1 | Updated 2009-12-17 | Downloads 64,557)
Darkens the current page and displays an image (like Lightbox, Thickbox, etc.), but is a lot smaller (10KB) and faster.

FancyBox for WordPress

Demo | Download (Version 2.7.2 | Updated 2009-12-20 | Downloads 58,120)
Seamlessly integrates FancyBox into your blog: Upload, activate, and you’re done. No further configuration needed.

Lightview Plus

Demo | Download (Version 2.5 | Updated 2010-5-13 | Downloads 54,341)
Seamless integration of Lightview (similar to Lightbox, Thickbox, Floatbox, Thickbox, Fancybox) to create a nice overlay to display images and videos.

Using Flip Effect

Page Flip Image Gallery

Demo | Download (Version | Updated 2010-6-25 | Downloads 469,854)
FlippingBook WordPress Gallery plugin helps you to create Image Gallery with Page Flip effects on your blog.

Simple Image Gallery

Post videos and photo galleries

Demo | Download (Version 1.67 | Updated 2010-6-30 | Downloads 341,511)
Post your videos and photo galleries/flash slideshows easily and in seconds.

Yet Another Photoblog

Demo | Download (Version 1.9.24 | Updated 2009-12-27 | Downloads 109,879)
Convert your WordPress Blog into a full featured photoblog in virtually no time.


Demo | Download (Version 1.5.4 | Updated 2010-1-9 | Downloads 91,836)
Add SimpleViewer Flash image galleries to your posts and pages. Easy to use and several options to make it fit your needs.

WP Photo Album

Demo | Download (Version 1.5.1 | Updated 2008-9-25 | Downloads 54,185)
This plugin is designed to easily manage and display your photo albums within your WordPress site.

Lazyest Gallery

Demo | Download (Version 0.16.3 | Updated 2010-6-21 | Downloads 54,160)
Lazyest Gallery is an integrated image gallery with automatic thumb and slide creation, comments on images, and a slide show.

Flickr Gallery


Demo | Download (Version 5.1 | Updated 2009-4-29 | Downloads 184,471)
Allows you to integrate Flickr photos into your site. It supports user, set, favorite, group and community photostreams.

Flickr Photo Album

Demo | Download (Version 1.1 | Updated 2008-10-6 | Downloads 99,638)
This Flickr plugin for WordPress will allow you to pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site.

Flickr Gallery

Release Page | Download (Version 1.4.0 | Updated 2010-7-4 | Downloads 62,143)
Quickly and easily add Flickr galleries, photos, and even custom search results into your WordPress pages and posts.

WordPress Flickr Manager

Demo | Download (Version 2.3 | Updated 2009-2-15 | Downloads 58,330)
Handles uploading, modifying images on Flickr, and insertion into posts.

Image Tools


Demo | Download (Version 1.3.7 | Updated 2010-2-8 | Downloads 99,029)
Scissors enhances WordPress’ handling of images by introducing cropping, resizing, rotating, and watermarking functionality.
For WordPress 2.9 – 3.0 please download here : http://dev.huiz.net/2010/01/03/wordpress-plugin-scissors-for-v2-9/

Using Flash

GRAND Flash Album Gallery

Demo | Download (Version 0.49 | Updated 2010-6-28 | Downloads 85,050)
GRAND Flash Album Gallery is a full integrated (flash skin based, slideshow) Image Gallery plugin with a powerfull admin back end.


Demo | Download (Version 1.3 | Updated 2009-2-1 | Downloads 79,004)
The famous Adobe Flash Plugins from Airtight Interactive for NextGEN Gallery.
Other Demo :


Featured Content Gallery

Demo | Download (Version 3.2.0 | Updated 2009-3-9 | Downloads 212,344)
Used to create a customizable rotating image gallery anywhere within your WordPress site.

WP PicLens

Demo | Download (Version 1.0.5 | Updated 2008-1-29 | Downloads 72,379)
Creates an immersive, full-screen slideshow presentation of photos and images in your blog.

Dynamic Content Gallery

Demo | Download (Version 3.2.3 | Updated 2010-4-11 | Downloads 54,089)
Creates a dynamic gallery of images for latest or featured content selected from one category, a mix of categories, or pages.


I hope you all love this collection :) If you have any sugestion or any thinks else, please feel free to say it!

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  1. dwidrg says:

    Pertamaxxxxxxxxxx……..lum ada yang komen

  2. Jay Philips says:

    Awesome list. I use Shadowbox JS the most.

  3. Deon Blaauw says:

    AMAZING galleries! thank you!!! for the designers, this is surely a job very well done!

  4. nehpetS says:

    page flip image gallery Demo link lead back to this page ..

  5. WalkFront says:

    Very nice collections, thanks for share….

  6. sosexpert says:

    thanks for this article… very nice!!!

  7. Great list, but i would add Fotobook and Facebook Photo Fetcher Plugins which are great for sharing your profile facebook or Fan Page photos on your wordpress enabled website…

    • Ron says:

      Thanks for the tip! One of the drawbacks to a lot of these photo galleries is the inability to easily rearrange the order of pictures once they’re uploaded. In Facebook, it’s a simple drag & drop process.

  8. Abhishek says:

    Great compilation!! It really helped.


  9. Araceli says:

    wow, thanks, it’s all that I needed :)

  10. giga says:

    These articles are fantastic; the information you show us is interesting for everybody and is really good written. It’s just great!

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    very useful info,,,,
    very helpful at all ….

  12. Nice……………useful…………….Thanks

  13. Hey, nice collection

    You should have a look at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-field-matrix/
    It lets you create a custom image gallery and much more!

    Perfect for php developers or anyone who can understand code.

  14. gaurav says:

    nice post
    thanks for sharing.
    but i want header image slideshow wordpress plugin
    please help

  15. Hendrik says:


    great list you put together!

    We just had a similar thing done. We selected the best five gallery plugins and wrote detailed reviews about them. So if anybody is interested is welcome to visit us: Best Gallery Plugins.

    Thanks for you post and see you soon

    Greetings from Germany


  16. nanda says:

    nice post … good job :D

  17. Frey says:

    Thank you for share this slideshow plugin….
    I want to try install the plugin on my site http://designsxtra.com

    -Thank you dynamicwp-

  18. omar aviles says:

    Nice list! Do you know which one works well with all browsers and can be uploaded by post and category?

  19. Marian says:

    Thanks for the article! A lot of great tools.
    Among them, is there one that allows users to download the pictures?

  20. mark says:

    Great list. I will recommend http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-gallery-plugin/ great plugin created using Jquery Nivo Slider.

  21. Awesome plugins, thanks for all

  22. I’ve not found a better platform for building and managing a website. Doesn’t matter whether you’re blogging, have a store front, create a massive business site or need a basic, static website to promote your services and products – WordPress can manage it all.
    And te themes are not only good for personal use, but also for your clients, makes it easier to customize to there style.

  23. NancyL says:

    The NextGEN Gallery picture shows a thumbnail bar over an image, but I don’t see a way to make NextGEN Gallery generate a thumbnail bar.

  24. darek says:

    I found funny plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/funny-demotivators/ – demotivational pictures in wordpress

  25. Seth Ridley says:

    Here’s a new free gallery plugin that we’ve just released. The thumbnails sit in the sidebar, and when clicked you get the main image loaded into the centre column.

    You can find out more at http://www.kinocreative.co.uk/plugins and there’s a support forum at http://www.support.kinocreative.co.uk.

    All feedback is welcome on this one.

  26. steven says:

    I’m looking for a gallery/thumbnail viewer that also lets the user download the full-sized image I have stored (I’m using this so that magazine editors can find and get photos of our products).

    I don’t want them to have to right-click, but I want a “download” or “save” link that will give them the full-sized image.


    • steven says:

      Oh, and ideally, I’d like to have some specs about the photo in a description area (e.g. actual size in pixels and KB)

      • pas_non says:

        could you not do a custom field (like nextgen gallery’s custom fields plugin) and add the url to the full image in there?

  27. David says:

    Dear Friends,

    I just saw your post it was really and i saw few more post about wordpress image gallery mac doc effect. what do you guys think about this product. Here is the source i found http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/Mac-Photo-Gallery

  28. Henry says:

    When I view your wordpress plugins its really amazing and nice to see… click through this link and find more updates http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/Apptha-Banner

  29. Cino says:

    Thanks a lot for this great list.

    We were just looking for a facebook style gallery (for our event and photo site http://www.evefo.ch) and found more useful plugins!


  30. Adam says:

    NextGen gallery has been brilliant for me, great plugin and with the java addons its a pretty sleek gallery

  31. Tasder says:

    Check this one worpdress photo gallery plugin: http://1plugin.com
    Great effects, fast and easy to use

  32. jam says:

    hey guys im looking for a thumbnail plug in in which i can assign each image to a specific url please if anyone knows please help thank you

  33. Mladen says:

    Hi, great list. List with demos, finally. Thanks. You are #4 on google for “wordpress image gallery plugin”, when I am singed in :) G8 job! Well, I have to notice that it will be much better to know key features of each gallery, or at least is there a paid ver. of gallery witch indicate that you dont wanna use that one, since it is crippled quit badly :)

    G8 job, thanks again, regards – I have to get back to work now :)


  34. Fantastic collection, many many thanks

  35. just wondering says:

    How do you get your images on wordpress to work in all browsers?

  36. Glenn says:

    Fantastic list. I have tried several of the flash galleries in the past and found that most of them use a lot of server resources. I use “Just Host” and they flip out and close your account if you hit 90% resource use. I had to just remove all galleries due to worry of losing my account after such an incident.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a gallery that uses very little resources? Perhaps just one you are using without problems on a host with the same 90% restriction.

    Thanks for the great list.

  37. these are the really most needed plugins for everyone it helps to choose the right gallery plugin for my site. :)

  38. Marc says:

    How is it that TN3 Gallery is a “WordPress Plugin”. There is no WP plugin for TN3 Gallery on their website. Please, if you can, provide a link to a TN3 Gallery based WP Plugin. TIA

  39. Allyson says:

    I agree with Marc – kind of misleading to have a non-wordpress product on this page. I bought the darned thing and now can’t use it! According to TN3 they are working on a WP version but it is not out yet and no timeline mentioned…

  40. kalpana says:

    It is simply superb and very interesting too……..

  41. Casey says:

    what about gallery that shows a full image? all of these are just square, landscape or portrait.. what about having a gallery with all options? I don’t just photograph or design in all landscape or all portrait anyone know of anything good i can use for this?

  42. sergio says:

    You might want to add my new jQuery Facebook gallery to the list.
    It’s cool but not flash, so google will index your captions (and keywords with them)

    You can stop uploading your photos to WordPress and just use your own existing Facebook Albums!


  43. Mike says:

    TN3 Gallery – JQuery Image Gallery is not a WordPress Plug-in. At least not yet. But not definitely at the time this article was written. Please update this article to remove TN3 from this list. Reading posts on TN3 website, many people are purchasing a license because many other websites have this listed as a WP plugin. Please help by removing TN3 from this list.

    NOTE: As of 2/1/2012 TN3 still is suggesting that a plugin will be available very soon, but give no mention of an exact date. They’ve been saying “very soon” for a while now.

  44. Nice review. Verry interesting.

  45. Jant says:

    galleries! thank you!!! for the designers, this is surely a job very well done

  46. This a great collection of galleries that can be used for WordPress and other sites. Another easy to use gallery to consider is WP Easy Gallery.


  47. SocialGalleryWP says:

    Great list! We just launched Social Gallery (http://www.socialgalleryplugin.com) – which will add even cooler lightbox effects and will work with some of the gallery plugins here – it’s a Facebook-style photo viewer for WordPress! Check it out!

  48. thank’s for your posting, is nice article, for me.

  49. Taran says:

    Nice plugins, thanks a lot.

  50. ghayoor abbas says:

    great collection these all themes looking very beautiful


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