35+ Best WordPress Articles of November 2010

Best WordPress Articles of The Month is up and running, this is one of the great things about working with WordPress and developing your own themes, is the community and all of the resources that are available. We hope this post will help you in solving problems on your wordpress site and as a source of inspiration to develop your wordpress site.
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In this month (November 2010) we collect a wide selection of fresh wordpress resources. Check these contents what we have for this month :


WordPress 3.0.2

WordPress 3.0.2 is available and is a mandatory security update for all previous WordPress versions.

Tips and Tutorials

How to Protect Your WordPress Blog From Getting Hacked

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It must be understood that it is impossible to prevent every attack, but there are many steps that can be taken to protect WordPress users and their websites. WordPress users have found the program to be highly configurable with an excellent support community available.

Working with Custom Page Templates in WordPress

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In this talk, Randy Hoyt, a faculty member at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), will demonstrate how to take a typical blog structure, and morph it into custom layouts. Along the way, he discusses the inherent differences between posts and pages, how to create custom page templates, how to expedite the process of adding custom fields, and more.

What, Whys, and How to’s of Post Formats in WordPress 3.1

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Post formats is one of the exciting features that are coming in WordPress 3.1. But most beginners have no idea what are post formats, why should they matter to you, and how you can take advantage of this awesome feature. Well after going through the alpha version of WordPress 3.1, we have decided to explain the what, whys, and how to’s of Post formats feature that is coming within WordPress 3.1.

How to Hide Your Posts from Some Users in WordPress

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Because WordPress is a publishing platform, there are options for content visibility that most beginners overlook. Have you ever thought about creating a blog post that you don’t want everyone to read? Maybe just for family members or close friends? Or maybe just very special group of your users? Well, in this post we will show you how you can protect your posts by requiring password, or even user registration.

Awesome WordPress hacks to make your blogger life easier

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WordPress hacks are always a popular topic here at Cats Who Code. Today, I have compiled hacks that will make your blogger life easier, by optimizing and simplifying how your WordPress blog works. Enjoy!

Key WordPress Code Snippets That Will Boost Functionality #1

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With so many websites being powered by my favourite CMS WordPress, the majority all function in the same way. But today I will show you a selection of code snippets that will boost functionality on your WordPress powered website.

Install WordPress on Your Computer Using WampServer

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What is WampServer? WampServer is an easy to use web server package that allows you to configure Apache, MySQL and PHP in your local machine to match that of your live web server.
This guide covers the installation and configuration of WordPress on your personal computer using WampServer.

How to install WordPress locally on a Mac

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Setting up a local WordPress installation isn’t difficult, but it can be a bit tricky if you haven’t done it before. This tutorial is designed to walk you through the process from start to finish.

How to enable Multisite on your WordPress 3.0+ installation

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We’re going to look at how to turn multisite on, what to consider regarding the initial configuration, and then what to do once you’ve finished.

How to Move a WordPress Site from one Server to another

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If you ever need to move your WordPress installation from one server to another, start by reversing the
installation process.

How to Display the Total Number of Comments in WordPress

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Have you ever seen sites that show off their total RSS subscribers count, twitter follower count, and other vanity counts? Well let’s add one more to that list. Total comment counts. If you have a very engaged community, then it is a great idea to show off the total number of comments in your WordPress sidebar.

Use The Comments Of WordPress For More

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You might want to have comments displayed on different spots. For example, displaying the last x comments in a central template. This requires the latest comments or all comments on your site. This is a small solution that scans all the comments, or a certain number, and is supplied with markup.

How to Add Facebook Like Button in selective WordPress Posts

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There are hundreds of plugins that lets you add the facebook like button at the bottom of each post. But sadly, there is not a single plugin that lets you display the like button on selective WordPress posts. In this article, we will utilize WordPress Custom fields to display the facebook like button in selective WordPress posts.

Make the Visual Editor Actually WYSIWYG

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In otherwords, match what you see when creating/editing a Post or Page in the WordPress visual editor to what you get when you actually publish it. It’s easier than you might think!

How To: DoFollow/NoFollow

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But this isn’t always what blog owners want, so today I will show you how to make Blogroll Links nofollow as they are dofollow by default, and make blog comments dofollow as they are nofollow by default.

Google Adsense Shortcode

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A friend asked me today was there an easy way to add Google adsense ads within WordPress without actually filling the template files full of the implementation code, the answer was yes.. use shortcodes!
So here is how you can add your Google adsense blocks to your blog without pasting lines and lines of code.

Stop WordPress From Ever Logging Out

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You don’t always want to login in WordPress – so I’ve turned off the login for my local development environment, since I don’t need it. So far I know two ways how to do this, which I want to introduce you briefly.
Decide for yourself which is the right way for you if you don’t need a login at all or just want to change the time frame before you logged out again.


Mega Guide to Selling Premium WordPress Themes

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In this guide Im going to look at all the aspects of selling premium WordPress themes, from building the themes to marketing them.

Beginning WordPress Development: A Look at Common Functions

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In this guide, we will take a look at some common functions in WordPress for use in custom WordPress theme development.

How to create a mobile WordPress theme with jQuery Mobile

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Last month, jQuery Mobile was released. This tool allows you to easily create mobile websites and web apps. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a mobile-optimized WordPress theme.

37 Free and Updated WordPress 3.0 Compatible Themes

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Today i’ve collected many WordPress 3.0+ compatible themes.Some of them are new and some of them are updated for the latest release of WordPress.

30+ WordPress Themes powered by jQuery and Ajax

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jQuery is a fast and excellent JavaScript library that can be used to creates flexibility on designs and interactivity on your WordPress themes and with Ajax you can reload a certain part of the website without reloading the whole page. In this article, I’ll be featuring WordPress themes powered by jQuery and Ajax.

30 Awesome Magazine Style WordPress Themes

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WordPress is today’s most popular and widely used CMS around the web whatever the site is a showcase, media, portfolio, business or magazine. In between all websites, blog and magazine suits best with it. Here I gathered some stylish looking 15 free and 15 premium WordPress themes.

A Collection of Minimal WordPress Themes

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we present to you Effective Premium Minimal WordPress Themes. These themes have minimized its extra elements and instead focus on its essential content and features. In this design, it is easier to notice and appreciate the beauty of your blog or website with lesser navigation, faster loading, etc.


What to do when a plugin breaks your site?

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If you’re fond of testing new plugins like me, you must have faced this situation before.
Installing and activating a new plugin and then heading to your site to find just a blank page!
Unfortunately, a lot of plugins are not tested enough to be safe to try on live sites, and some of them do cause a problem to your site, that’s why it can be unsafe to use them.

WordPress plugin updates and how I (ab)used it

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Any WordPress site administrator will know WordPress has an auto update system for plugins. Not many people seem to think through how this works and what it means, which is why a lot of people started to say stuff when I “fixed” the BlogPress SEO situation earlier today. Let’s walk through this essentially pretty easy system.

Top jQuery WordPress Tutorials and Plugins

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jQuery WordPress plugins help to create a fully customized user-friendly web page which will enlarge the audience of your site or blog. From a web designer’s point of view, jQuery is absolutely understandable, so you will enjoy operating it. Whenever you need to customize, for instance, your comment box or add some catching animation to your main page, all you need is to pick the most appealing jQuery WordPress plugin.

15 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

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Luckily, there are plugins you can use and general advise you can follow in order to speed up your WordPress blog, making it more appealing to your visitors and the search engines. Today, we have a post with 15 ways to help you to speed up your WordPress blog.

10 Excellent Plugins that Extend WordPress as a CMS

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There is a great deal of new plugins available to address the many other aspects of WordPress that can make it confusing for clients and new users. With a few added tweaks you can bend WordPress into a fully customized CMS for your site.
Today we have present 10 hand-picked wordpress plugins for you. Click on any image and download it.

7 WordPress Plugins for a More User Friendly Blog

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As a web usability enthusiast I spend quite some time looking for ways to improve my blog in an attempt to make the visit as smooth and pleasant as possible. In this article I’ll be talking about some very simple WordPress plugins that will transform your blog in a more user-friendly version with only a few minutes of work.

10 Great WordPress Plugins for Managing Images

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Running a full WordPress blog can be a tricky business. If you want your blog to look great, then you need a lot of attractive images. Managing all these images can be a chore. Luckily, there are a few WordPress plugins that can greatly aid you in this task. Here are 10 that you might try.

Awesome WordPress Plugins to Empower Your Visitors

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If you’re looking for some great plugins to bring more interactivity and user participation to your WordPress-powered site – it covers Google Search, Star Ratings, Favorite Posts, and other techniques to empower your visitors.

How To Optimize WordPress

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Here are a selection of plugins that should speed up your page loads and speed things up a little in general.


A Wonderful Showcase Of WordPress Designs – 38 Sites

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You will find in the article sites that have a particular layout, not like the dull ones that you may find in the free WP themes. Also, I need to mention, in order to avoid some comments, that I neglected some sites that are featured constantly in gallery-articles like this one.


Matt Mullenweg RTE One News Interview

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Matt Mullenweg, while attending the SOMETHING summit in Ireland last week, went live on the country’s RTE One channel to talk about how WordPress began, the growth of the mobile and social web, and to share his thoughts on how to grow new tech startups in this economy.

Are Too Many WP Theme Sites Hurting the Industry?

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What’s the effect of all these WP theme sites? What are they doing to the marketplace for both designers and theme buyers? Are all those sites really useful, or are they doing more harm than good?

Do Freelancers Do Best on WordPress, Drupal or Joomla?

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In its quarterly market report, freelance site DoNanza discovered that even though WordPress (WordPress) devs, designers and SEO pros are in greater demand than their Drupal (Drupal) or Joomla (Joomla) counterparts — and even though WordPress outnumbers Drupal and Joomla in the number of projects for each CMS — Drupal web professionals on average make around twice what WordPress pros make per project.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please share your other favorite wordpress tutorials and resources with us by leaving a comment below :)

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