5 Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Blog for Pinterest

If and all there comes a talk about successful blogging platform, I would undoubtedly give my vote for WordPress. WordPress happens to be an efficient content management system, which could offer you an absolute blogging experience. On serving several million users worldwide, WordPress can even be convinced as a number one blogging tool. Running a blog successful on WordPress is not that easy without using SEO or SMM techniques. However in these days, SMM (Social Media Marketing) techniques are greatly preferred than that of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And that too, not all social media sites could come up with great results for your blog. If it was Facebook via marketing yesterday, it’s Pinterest’s turn today.

Optimize WordPress for Pinterest

Pinterest is simply taking away the hearts of several millions with its fantastic photo sharing feature. Humans are very much focused to visual elements and Pinterest is one great platform that offers the same. It has been reported recently that the average time spend on Pinterest is higher than that of the time spend with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. And again, Pinterest happens to be the only network to drive million users since two years from its launch. All such scenarios have led Pinterest marketing to boom up in recent days. Any site or blog, if on optimized for Pinterest, is certainly going to shine out.

So, now how to optimize a WordPress blog for Pinterest? WordPress sites really work well with Pinterest kind of promotions. Before going into the tips to optimize WordPress blog for Pinterest, let me first tell you what makes WordPress and Pinterest go common.

Optimize WordPress for Pinterest

  1. Most of the WordPress bloggers are Pinterest users and most of the Pinterest users are WordPress-ers. The reason behind this true fact is both these platforms share common interests and features. Hence it is obvious that WordPress blogs that are pinned to Pinterest can be easily recognized.
  2. Images stand tremendous with both WordPress and Pinterest. As far as blogs are concerned, attraction is all that matters. Hence Pinteresting them works great.
  3. An unknown fact about Pinterest is, almost 60 percent of Pinterest users are ultimate readers and even writers. Hence, WordPress finds it easy to mingle with people on the same track.

Optimizing WordPress for Pinterest

So, you have your WordPress blog which needs to be optimized for Pinterest. Prior to get with the steps to optimize, make clear you have an account on Pinterest. Here are 5 tips to help Pinterest optimization:

  1. You can initially test your website on Pinterest by copying the urls of your site’s most visited pages and adding them to Pinterest by just clicking on the Add button at the top of Pinterest. It now takes you to a URL field where again you need to enter the URL. This could help Pinterest users get with the URLs and to your site instantly.
  2. Make sure that your WordPress blog enfolds stunning images on each page. With these featured images you can easily cover up Pinterest users. You can simply upload those images to Pinterest by linking a URL to your site.
  3. Open Graph Metaplugin can be encrypted on your WordPress blog in order to go through the problems faced while pulling an apt image from a page or post.
  4. Another great thing about Pinterest is, it has nearly 70% of female users. Therefore any blog or site that favors female audience can work well with Pinterest.
  5. Apart all, the most important thing is, you need to look whether your content is worthy about pinning. As far as Pinterest is concerned, all that matters is worthy content and if and all you have quality and informative content on your WordPress blog, you can really get with the best number of pins and re-pins.

Optimize WordPress for Pinterest


Hope these tips would get you great results with Pinterest optimization. And I repeat again, with Pinterest it is the images that has all to do. Henceforth, focusing more on adding images to your blogs is itself a great way to optimize for Pinterest. So, don’t wait along! Start with the above steps and stay tuned for days or weeks to witness the amazing results.

- Written by Riya Sherin -
Riya Sherin is a designer who has a love for creativity and enjoy experimenting with various techniques in web. Her speciality is designing wordpress photo gallery and develops with best design reviewing.

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