Benefits of Attending WordCamp or other WordPress Conventions

Whether you are just learning WordPress or a seasoned professional, attending WordCamp or other WordPress or conventions for bloggers is an excellent idea. Conventions are for learning and for sharing new ideas, so WordPress bloggers from any level. These types of conventions are not only for learning how to work on WordPress, but they also teach skills for all level users. Even expert WordPress users can get something out of blogger conventions and WordCamp in the form of new ideas and techniques.

WordCamp Benefits

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is a community organized event featuring speakers, education sessions, seminars, and workshops that promote hands on learning of WordPress. It is a sharing of ideas and a way to not just learn from, but network with other WordPress users. They are usually a daylong event and often include meals or snacks. In some cases, there might be other networking events tied into the WordCamp education sessions. WordCamps are locally organized, so each event might vary slightly.

7 Reasons You Should Attend a WordCamp or WordPress Education Event:

#1. Hands on Learning

If you are new to WordPress and blogging, attending a convention can give you some of the best learning because it is hands on learning from your peers. There will also be a variety of different techniques and styles so that if one learning style does not work for you, there are plenty of others to try. This type of hands on learning at a convention for a day or a few days can equal months or years of learning on your own or in a formal class setting. Plan on asking questions as these are very interactive seminars.

#2. Sharing of Ideas

Blogger conventions and WordCamp have so many writers from all walks of life, with different ideas, techniques, and templates that even the strongest and most advanced WordPress users will benefit from attending a seminar or a convention. Sharing ideas together and brainstorming can help improve your talent as a WordPress developer. It also gives you the opportunity to network with other business people for mutual benefit. You can gain new clients and find other WordPress experts to collaborate with on larger projects.

#3. Focus on WordPress

There are plenty of conventions for bloggers or other internet industry professions. However, when you attend WordCamp, the focus is solely on WordPress. You can be guaranteed to learn about WordPress and developing skills and connections with fellow WordPress users.

#4. Excellent Deal

Ticket prices vary for each WordCamp; however they are usually below $40. For less than $40, you get a day’s worth of learning from experts, food, and usually a t-shirt and other promotional gifts. Your ticket usually gives you access to any other networking events held in conjunction with WordCamp. Sponsors and donations help keep ticket prices low and when there is a surplus of funds or promotional products, they are donated to the community.

#5. Network of Connections to Share Content, Collaboration, and Links

Besides coming to an event like this to learn about WordPress, you should take full advantage of meeting and networking with other attendees and speakers. Use the networking opportunities and exchange information, social contacts, and business cards with as many people as possible. You never know when an opportunity might come about from someone you took the time to meet at a WordCamp.

#6. Keep an Eye Out for Schwag

If you have attended conferences or events before, you are probably familiar with the term “schwag”. Schwag is the t-shirts, promotional gifts, and other things that are given away at conventions. WordCamp is no exception. You should not expect these type of free gifts, as they are not guaranteed at every event, but definitely keep an eye out for them.

#7. Meet with Sponsors

Each event has sponsors. Take the time to reach out to them and see what they are about. They usually have booths set up. They are part of the reason that these events can happen and be so inexpensive, so pay some respect and see what you might be able to learn from them and get something out of it.

Never Stop Learning

The idea behind WordCamp and similar blogger seminars and conventions is that you should never stop learning. Whether you are just starting out on WordPress, which is one form of learning. Attending a WordCamp or blogging convention is the fastest way to gain skills in WordPress. If you already are well versed in WordPress, you can use your skills to teach others about WordPress. Networking with other WordPress professionals can benefit your business and increase your access to techniques and templates through brainstorming and meeting other professionals. Learn about new resources for your WordPress skills by researching when the next WordCamp or similar blogging conventions is coming to your area.

Have you benefitted from WordCamp or other WordPress conventions or seminars? We are interested in your thoughts. Please share with us your thoughts and ideas of how continued learning and networking at events has been a benefit for you.

- Written by Richard Larson -

He is blogger and Brand Manager for He enjoys sharing marketing and business tips.

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