7 Essential Elements for an Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing has been increasing production and profits for many businesses. Today, half of the local researchers are using mobile devices, more than 50 million in a day. Mobile data usage is growing every year. Also, mobile advertising is going to increase tremendously in the next 4 years. Thus, it clearly shows that the mobile marketing is one of the effective ways to gather more traffic as:

  • You can be easily discovered by the potential customers on mobile apps and search engines.
  • Drive existing and potential customers with the offers or mobile ads cost-effectively.
  • Inform the customers about your brand and messaging with a mobile site.

Mobile Marketing Tips

Use a coordinated and well-planned strategy to outperform your competitors. We have brought together a few basic elements of mobile marketing strategy:

#1: Mobile Advertising.

Mobile apps bring the opportunity for the adverts to be displayed on them. Today, gaining an extra revenue through the mobile ads has become compulsory similar to the ads that appear on the desktop websites. A few ads can be appeared on a website, whereas a mobile site can only have a single ad on it.

Mobile ads usually come in four different forms:

  1. Mobile PPC: In this, the ad appears while searching for something in the paid listings.
  2. Contextual mobile ads: It is similar to PPC, but appears more on apps and websites rather than search listings.
  3. Mobile banners: Texts and graphics include rich media.
  4. Idle screen advertising: Ad is displayed while an app is downloading or a user is waiting for the web page to upload.

#2: Apps.

Apps is an abbreviation used for the applications. It is referred as a software that performs certain functions. These can be pre-installed on your Smartphone or you may also download them from the App store. A few examples of mobile apps are social networks, game or map & calculator. All the mobile applications have some intended purpose.

Mobile Marketing Tips

#3: QR codes.

Quick Response Codes are ever-growing aspects of mobile landscape. It is a barcode that can be appeared on a paper, a billboard or a product. QR codes can be read using a dedicated QR reading device, a Smartphone and consists of a URL within it. Once the code is captured, the link takes you to the message, website or any special offer.

#4: Payment Through Mobiles.

Now, it is possible to make payments through mobile phones as well in an efficient manner. It allows you to make the transaction online in minutes, eliminating hassle to wait so long for the check to be cleared. You can simply transfer the money into your account instantly, if you run out of money.

#5: M-commerce.

M-commerce refers to buying of products and services online through different mobile devices. The rapidly growing use of mobile devices has revolutionized purchasing over internet. You can easily buy anything from anywhere without any obstacles. M-commerce sales are increasing day-by-day and are expected to explode in the next few years. Although making security aspect while shopping online is still a matter of concern.

Mobile Marketing Tips

#6: Mobile Coupons.

Moble coupons are usually electronic tickets that might be received through SMS or MMS for the recipient to gain a discount or redeem an offer on a service or a product. This is also one of the effective ways to drive traffic to your website. Mobile coupons are generally targeted to know, if you would be interested in the offer or you reside in the local area and take advantages of it.

Mobile Marketing Tips

#7: Mobile websites.

Mobile optimized site is one of the essential aspects of Mobile Marketing Mix. The mobile compatible website is more compressed, better usability and navigation features that enable it to be viewed precisely on mobile devices.


The majority of people are accessing internet through their mobile phones than ever before. So, the business owners should develop an effective mobile marketing strategy to expand their reach.

- Written by Daniel Peterson -

He is a skilled web developer at EmailChopper, which is an eminent service provider offering optimal email copywriting services. With the help of his creative ideas and extensive knowledge, the new concepts have been emerged that are useful for managing the websites.

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  1. Great article, but I would add that SMS/Text Marketing should be an important element of mobile marketing strategy.

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