Giveaway: Win Free VPN Protection from Kepard

Having to worry about people that are a threat to your Internet surfing is never fun, but it is a reality in today’s world. Hackers and spies of all ilks can look in at what you are doing on the web, and they can find ways to access your computer and accounts if you are not careful. Fortunately, with Kepard, you will find the best VPN service that will help make sure that you do not become a victim of hackers, malware and other dangers.

Free VPN Accounts

Kepard has a great reputation in this business. They have top quality encryption, and they strive to provide the best possible protection for users. Now, they are even going to be giving some of that protection away. The company is offering 10 free VPN premium accounts that are active for a full 90 days. This means that you get a full three months of protective software.

The company works hard to meet the needs of all users, and they have service that will work on a large number of operating systems and devices today. Protection of this sort would not do much good if it slowed down your browsing, and thankfully, you are not going to have to worry. The service is very fast. They have services in five countries around the world, and you will even be able to choose and change servers whenever you need.

Importance of the Protection

It is important to understand just how vital this type of protection is so that you can understand the value of this giveaway. Viruses and malware are likely coming toward you every day, and hackers aren’t far behind. You need to have a quality way of protecting yourself online, and VPN services from Kepard will ensure that safety. When you need to have your data that you send and receive be as safe and as secure as possible, you need a quality VPN service like those from Kepard.

You Could Win this Contest!

Now that you understand just how important and valuable this protection can be, it’s time that you joined the contest. It’s easy, and here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Make sure that you add a comment to the page and let us know why you need the service.
  2. Let people on Twitter know by posting this: You can win 1 of 10 premium VPN accounts from @kepard via @dynamicwp (RT to enter).
  3. Visit the Kepard Facebook page and make sure that you click “like” on the page.

The contest will run for a week until Next Monday November 4, 2013. We’ll be announcing the winners in this page shortly after the date of the end of the contest.

Good luck!

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  1. mkkm says:

    I need it to watch YT movies, blocked in my country and to test web-speed of my websites from other countries (CDN performance).

  2. hideipuser says:

    I want to unblock a few sites. They are blocked by my ISP. I will be happy to win.

  3. Ferragamo says:

    It is great for people to browse web. Security is much important.

  4. Anonymus Web Surfing is a ncessary tool todays life and VPN services always play a whitle role.

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