Get VPN Free: Kepard Will Hand Out 3 Premium VPN Accounts to Contest Winners (Closed!)

Hi, another cool giveaway contest for you again. Today, we have cooperated with Kepard to giveaway Free Premium VPN Accounts to 3 lucky DynamicWP readers. Read more for more details.

About Kepard

Free VPN Accounts

If you are online today, there is no question but that you and your computer are exposed to cyber threats. By now, that is an unavoidable part of the web surfing experience. But you can minimize the threats by using the world’s best VPN service from Kepard, which will protect your online activities from hackers, malware, and snoopers.

Kepard is renowned for the quality of its internet security and encryption software. Now, for a limited time, you can get a sample of its incredible services if you win this drawing. 3 lucky winners will be given premium VPN accounts that are theirs to use for a full 90 days. That is three months!

No matter what your computer set up or operating system, Kepard’s VPN services will keep you protected from the range of threats that stalk web users today. Even better, Kepard’s servers are incredibly fast, which means that you will never experience slowdowns while surfing on their VPNs. And with VPN servers in five different countries throughout North America and Europe, Kepard always has a server where you need one.

Should I Get VPN?

Of course. Everybody needs online protection today, and the best online protection available is a VPN service from Kepard. Kepard will keep your internet activities and sensitive information secure from malware, from hackers, and even from ISPs and governments that want to spy on your activity. With VPN services from Kepard, you privacy and security will never be in doubt.

Kepard allows you peace of mind to know that your data won’t be accessed by hackers, and that nobody will be able to peak into your private communications or see where you are surfing online. With Kepard, all of that becomes totally, absolutely private.

Get Your Free VPN!

To get a free Kepard VPN, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Leave a comment on this page. Tell us your name and why you need a Kepard VPN.
  2. Let your friends on Twitter know about this giveaway. Tweet this: You can win 1 of 3 premium VPN accounts from @kepard via @dynamicwp (RT to enter)
  3. Check out the Kepard Facebook page and like it. After that, check back to this page to see who the winners are!

This contest will run for a week, and we’ll announce the winner on Monday April 8, 2013. Make sure to use your real email account so we can contact you if you win this contest. Best of luck!

3 Comments to “Get VPN Free: Kepard Will Hand Out 3 Premium VPN Accounts to Contest Winners (Closed!)”

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  1. Tek says:

    I’d love a free VPN because it’d let me be anywhere and fully protected!

  2. viru says:

    Honestly, i dont have a twitter account or facebook account, yet i would like to participate in this giveaway.
    why i need vpn ?
    Vpn known to be a safeguard for surfing or using applications whether they are known or unknown binaries
    i like to beta test or test alot of applications as well as surfing internet apart from chatting online were anonymity is very essential in day to day life.
    My email id is :

  3. Resta says:

    i really like VPN and i really need it. WHY? because i need privacy when surfing on the internet and VPN help it.
    Thank you VPN

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