How to Make Your QR Codes More Effective For Your Designing Projects

Are you thinking about making you business more successful with the help of QR codes? Before going into the details of the same let us know what actually QR codes are all about.

QR codes or Quick Response codes are similar to bar codes which you can see in the form of black and white double dimensional funky boxes which can be found in the back of pamphlets, brochures or billboards or other products as well. They can store huge amount of information in them like details of name, address and phone number which can be obtained on scanning.

QR Codes Tips

Certain tips would help you to make your QR code more successful.

#1: Place it on something which is accessible

The QR code should be placed in something which is accessible by customers. A great place to showcase your QR code can be on the banner or signs which are used in a congested area for advertisement purpose. A moving vehicle is a very foolish idea because people will seldom try scanning the QR code from them. Try avoiding placing them in the extreme corner or a fold where it would not be legible.

#2: Market it properly

Place the QR codes on different kinds of products which will invite customers to gain more information and share their feedback. The codes will also help salesman to track the usage of their product by different classes of consumers. It can also be used on business cards. This is a great way to attract attention of the viewers. It can also be placed beside the product you want to be showcased or an image which gains attention easily.

#3: Ensure that the font size is readable

Your main aim is to showcase your QR code in such a place which would be visible to onlookers. Thus you should ensure that the font size of the QR code is legible so that it can be scanned easily. It should also be ensured that your code is compatible with all kinds of phones and can be opened in phones. It should ideally be bold and little big in size. If it is placed in places like billboards and posters, it should be such a size which can be scanned easily by the camera from a distance.

#4: Your code should be aimed at different target groups

Before designing your QR code you should ensure that your code is meant for all kinds of audiences. Different codes should be also specifically different keeping in mind different target groups. Some consumers are more interested in entertainment like watching you tube videos or connecting to face book and some like to get information about companies. One should design the QR code keeping that in mind. The code should be such that it would be able to link to social networking sites like face book and orkut at one go and you should also mention your phone number, address and contact details in the code so that people can reach you conveniently.

#5: Ensure that your QR code is unique

Design your QR code in such a way that it stands out of the crowd. The content of the code is very important because that is what ultimately matters. So try to input as much content as possible so that visitors would like to revisit again and again.

QR codes are very efficient when it comes to assured transactions. Try experimenting with them and find out new methods to use your QR code effectively for your designing projects by the above simple tips.

The above article is composed by Peterson who describes the importance of QR codes when it comes to assured transactions which proves beneficial when it comes to your designing projects.

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