How to Setup Forum in WordPress Site?

Before getting started, educating you with the fundamentals of setting up an online forum on a WordPress website or blog and why it is significant for any business will be a wise option. Though forums and frequenting them often are not new for most, making the best out of the forums is still distant dreams for many. This article is exclusively for those who wish to drive a huge volume of traffic to their businesses via online forums as well as those who wish to learn something new and interesting. Well, what exactly is an online forum and how it works favors business is the anxious question rising in the minds of many! Let’s define right here. An online forum is nothing but a message board with members of different sectors offering solutions to numerous problems or sharing their opinions for the same. Posting a question in the forum is the best way to get your queries answered in a faster way.

How to Setup Forum WordPress

Today, one could hardly find WordPress websites without forums. Given the benefits, setting up a forum in the website enables one to attract more visitors and keeps them tied to your site for a long time as well. This article is exclusively for those who are clueless on setting up a forum in their WordPress websites. Not to worry! Setting up a forum in WP is quite easy and simple; upon reading this article you would definitely construct a tidy hub for people to discuss different factors and offer solutions.

Follow the simple steps explained below to setup a fascinating forum on your website effectively in no time.

Step 1: Log-in to your WordPress account.

Step 2: On the Dashboard, select the option “Forum” on the LHS panel below the option “Comments.”

Step 3: A new “Forum Page” will be displayed. Click the term “Create New User Group” on the LHS panel within the page. You could find a form with field names like Group Name, Description, Custom Icons, etc.

Step 4: Right below the fields you’ll find a heading “Set Default User Group Permission Sets” with 3 options like Guests, Members, and Moderators with drop down options next to the fields.

Step 5: Fill in the “Group Name” field, for instance as “Buddies Party”

Step 6: Add a few details to the “Description” field as “A set of people loving parties”.

Step 7: Now, set the “Read Only Access” for Guests, “Standard Access” for Members, and “Moderator Access” for Moderators fields using drop downs next to them.

Step 8: Finally, click the button “Create New Group.”

Step 9: A pop-up will be displayed stating “A new forum group is created” and you’ll be taken back to the “Forum Page.”

Step 10: Click the “Create New Forum” below the “Create New User Group” on the LHS.

Step 11: A new page shows up within the same page. Select the kind of User Group you want to add to your forum by using the drop down button on the right extreme of the empty field. The User Group created by you “Buddies Party” will be listed out there. Select it.

Step 12: A new page opens up within the same page below the User Group “Buddies Party” you selected.

Step 13: Add a relevant name to the Forum in the respective field, say “Party Excitements.”

Step 14: Enter “Party-Excitements” in the Forum Slug tag below “Forum Name.” Add a description to the field “Fabulous Party Experiences”.

Step 15: Click “Create New Forum” button.

You are done with! Now visit the home page of your website, and you’ll find a button “Forum” on the top of the page and on clicking it, your newly set up forum will be visible to everyone for participation.

Offering various solutions in your forums would help build enormous traffic to your website with ease. In fact many have misconceptions for forums, considering them as a place for posting their links with no worthy information shared. In fact, forums are built for sharing and gaining knowledge rather than for producing back links. So, build rapport with numerous visitors, share your knowledge on the field where you are expertise at and earn a reputation from them. By this way you could force your customers to visit your site often which in turn brings in unlimited profits.

I hope everyone enjoyed this article. Set up a forum, not for just driving traffic but for learning something new and fresh.

- Written by Maria -

She has over 2 years of experience in writing articles. She is happy to share information about WordPress. And she is much more interested in articles about Magento extensions.

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  1. onesoftindiana says:

    I don’t see any forum option on my wordpress site. I have even updated to the latest version 3.5.1Has wordpress introduced it recently ?

  2. navjotjsingh says:

    The author clearly forgot to mention to install a plugin first. WordPress never has an inbuilt forum option. IF you want forum on your WP blog, install bbPress or Mingle Forums or Simple Forums.

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