What is Pinterest and How It Re-defines Online Sales?

If you are into ecommerce, I have a magnificent piece of news for you! We have got yet another social networking sensation, apart from Facebook, Twitter, etc., labeled as Pinterest. From the recent surveys and analyses, it has been proved that Pinterest is slowly turning the heads of ecommerce web owners and it has got the ability to drive sales crazily for any business. Well, having said that, it is vital to know what exactly Pinterest is and how it assists in the growth of businesses. For those who are new to the term “Pinterest,” you can assume it as a virtual pinboard where you can save lots of photos, videos, links, etc. effectively and share with others. There are two important things that everyone using the Pinterest has to learn about; one is the term called “Pin” and other “Re-pin.” Not to worry! Pin is a button enabled in all posts that are posted on Pinterest, which allows users to like a photo or video posted by others. If you like it, you can opt for the re-pin button and the photo or video gets added to your website instantly.

Business-friendly Pinterest

Pinterest Business Strategy

A few years back, Pinterest entered market with tough guidelines stating that this social networking site is not meant for commercial businesses but only for individuals. But with everything going digital nowadays and ecommerce relying heavily on social media to draw more numbers of people toward them, Pinterest has re-framed its guidelines by allowing businesses to promote their products using it. Remember, creating a business-friendly Pinterest would leverage your business to infinite customers in the space which in turn brings in incredible traffic to your site. With limitless advantages and huge customer follow up, promoting your products via Pinterest would be the best move to set your business goals apart from the millions of online businesses on web.

How to Set-up an Account for Business

In the earlier days, according to its original terms of service, Pinterest allowed users to create account only with their first and last names. However, they reformulated the terms of service a few months back to benefit businesses. So, when it comes to promoting business, you have to fill in the name of your company to experience a flawless traffic to your site. In addition, adding more details like “who you are and what exactly you do” in the “About” section of Pinterest, which is displayed under your photo, will inspire your visitors to learn more about you. To drive traffic to your website, paste your URL in the profile you create in the “About” section. This could help you set up a splendid business-friendly Pinterest account for you to come out with exceptional returns.

Tips to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

Pinterest Business Strategy

I’m not going to explain any out-of-the-world ideas or strategies for improving business here. Just pin some useful stuff. Pin a lot in fact! The more interesting and trendy pins you place on Pinterest, the more the followers and fan base you create! It is the easiest and fastest way to drive enormous traffic to your site. Comment others pins and offer valuable suggestions to help their business grow as well. Make the comments look clean and elegant. Encourage others by “liking” their pins and this helps others believe you are following them.

Tips #1: Connecting with Facebook and Twitter

Though, you are generating necessary traffic to your website using Pinterest, connecting your Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter would multiply your customer base effectively. Soon, you would be getting more followers to your business on adding your account with Facebook and Twitter. What a great way to engage customers to your business!

Tips #2: Create Unique Visual Pins and Allure Visitors

The best way to take your business forward is by translating your products and services to visuals. Nothing equals the splendid experience offered by visuals compared to other ways around. Remember, an aesthetically appealing and unique pin with innovative idea certainly reaches a wide range of audiences in record time. Your visual content being pinned across different sites shows that you have a huge amount of followers for your business. To achieve maximum benefits out of Pinterest, never exaggerate anything about you as Pinterest prohibits irrelevant and unworthy self-promotions. By better representing your quality of services and products visually, you give yourself a chance to double your profits effortlessly using Pinterest.


In fact, there are different Pinterest-style themes available for WordPress websites which could lessen your burdens. Some of the popular themes are WP Grid Theme, Pinterest Plus, Gridlocked, Photlux, Grido, etc. Most business after attaching their websites with Pinterest reveal that it has redefined their business and helped them enjoy rich outcomes. It’s no wonder as nowadays most people spend a lot of time of theirs on iPads, and iPhones.
I hope everyone enjoyed this article. Give your business a new dimension by visually better representing your products and services using Pinterest.

- Written by Melvin Rajiv -

He enjoys writing about technology topics for the web where he can share his knowledge and interest with others. Melvin encourages the use of Pinterest clone php he has also started writing for Easy Checkout Magento.

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