Quick Tip : How to Enable Threaded Comments Function in WordPress

Threaded comment is one of cool function from wordpress, this feature is very useful, even in our opinion, this feature is very important and must be owned on a blog. Why?

  • It enables users to reply on a exist comment, and the discussion will be displayed threaded or nested.
  • Allow your users discuss and reply to each other in up to 10 levels.
  • Will turn the discussion on an article
  • Will allow the reader to follow the developing discussion on an article.

Therefore at all of our Free & Premium wordpress themes, already support for this feature.


In this article, we use one of our free theme “Simple White“.
Default, threaded comment feature is not enabled by wordpress. So when you use one of our free themes, then display the comments section on your site will be like this.


Now after you enable threaded comment function, as you can see in theme demo page, your comment section will be like this.


How to?

Follow these steps :

  1. On your WordPress Dashboard page, click Settings > Discussion
  2. Put a check in the Other comment settings > Enable threaded (nested) comments on Discussion Settings page. We suggest setting threaded comments to about (3 – 5) level deep, to keep conversation focused.
  3. Then Save Changes!

Discussion Settings2

Now your comments can be threaded (nested).

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  1. Wallace says:

    It’s absolute useless, you even don’t tell us any solution to custom the theme template.

    • Eko S. says:

      Hi Wallace thanks for your input,
      This article we aimed for wordpress beginners, and many have been asking us how to activate this feature.
      We apologize for your inconvenience


  2. Jaime D. says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST!!! I just fixed mine. I really hated having to reply to everyone on one big comment using @NAME to talk to them.

  3. David says:

    I’ve done exactly as you said but it’s not working. Any idea why?


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