Effective Time Management Tips for Freelance Web Designers

A good freelancer requires efficient time management skills to succeed. This is especially important for freelance web designers. Many freelancers lose the plot by being a victim of improper time management.

Time Management for Freelance Web Designers

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While working for an employer, time management may not be such a big issue as it is for a freelancer. A freelancer requires his own set of skills and abilities to manage his own time. If effective time management skills are used by a freelance web designer, he can deliver the best service to the clients. Some of the key elements to be kept in mind for time management are:

  1. Valuing time is important: Lost time can never be regained, so respecting the time at hand is essential. A freelancer needs to understand that if he wastes time available to him, ultimately he is at loss.
  2. Spending lesser time on social networking sites and other PC applications. A freelancer web designer will have his work cut out on a computer. Surfing the internet and using other time-wasting applications will only result in loss of precious time.
  3. Keeping track of the time spent is the important thing. Many applications are available on the internet today, which can help to keep track of the amount of time spent online.
  4. Every task requires a certain amount of time for its completion. Devising that amount of time to the task, in advance can save a lot of time. Setting a time span, within which to complete the task can work well too.
  5. Creating a priority list of the tasks to be done is also an effective time management process. Writing down the various tasks and their priority, can help to arrange them in a sequential order. Tasks with higher priority can be addressed first than the tasks with lower priority.
  6. Splitting the work hours can also work in the favour of a freelance web designer. A freelance web designer is always burdened with a lot of creative work. Working at a stretch may mean less output and lack of creative ideas on the given project. It is very important to identify such phases and split the work routines accordingly.
  7. Having a cool and interesting workplace is important. A workplace is an area which neat and clean. It must be never allowed to get messed up, as it hinders the workability. The environment; in which a freelance web designer works, helps to finish the given work on time.
  8. One of the most important and often neglected aspects of time management is the removal of distractions from a workplace. Distractions put a block in the path of proper time management. A simple example is the use of social network sites while designing a webpage for a freelance web designer. Such events only result in poor time management and interfere with the work. Setting aside a proper time span, to these activities will result in non-interference with work.
  9. Handling multiple projects at the same time is another factor responsible for poor time management. A freelance web designer needs to understand his capabilities and allot proper time to his projects. Taking projects beyond the capability of a freelance designer will only result in poor time management and ultimately incomplete work.

While time management is just one aspect in the success story of a freelance web designer, there are certain other aspects as well which are just as important. Time is the fundamental quality for success in case of a freelance web designer and the below mentioned issues, exemplify these facts:

  • Many freelance web designers have the negative ability of neglecting the workload available in front of them. The workload then piles up and then it becomes boring as well as tedious to sort it out. Completing the work on time is the key to success for freelancers.
  • Enjoying the work is the chief ingredient for accomplishment. A freelance designer must feel the pleasure that the work provides. As the old saying goes ‘When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play’.
  • A freelance web designer must never compromise quality even if it sometimes means exceeding the deadlines provided. A quality project is what the client looks out for. Allotting time to check the quality of the finished work is a must for any freelance web designer.
  • Taking some time off, when not working on the given projects is essential for a freelance web designer. It helps to energise the mind again, when coming back on the next set of work. A relaxed mind always produces higher output.

Time management is the most fundamental skill for any freelance web designer. Mastering this ability is sure to provide success. Enjoying the work and making a proper schedule of working time, is enough to guarantee success.

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  1. joe says:

    Time management skills are vital today no matter what area of work you are in. It enables you to become much more productive

  2. Avi Kaye says:

    If you want to curb the amount of time you spend on social networks, there are extensions for this, like Nanny (for Google Chrome), that actually prevent you from getting to those sites :) As for managing your tasks and projects, there are online tools such as HappyTodos (http://www.happytodos.com) that can make your life much easier.

  3. Will Jackson says:

    Time management is the most crucial skill a freelancer should have. This way a freelancer can work on tasks and meet deadlines. There are also different ways in order to manage time effectively. One way to manage time is by creating a to-do list this way you can easily determine what tasks you need to do for the day. You need also to organize tasks depends on their priority level so that you will know what are the tasks you need to do first before the others. There are also different online tools that can help you manage time. Feel free to check this tool ( http://www.timedoctor.com/blog/2010/07/25/how-is-time-doctor-different-than-rescue-time ) which can help you manage time and improves productivity.

  4. Diana says:

    Time management is very important for the successful completion of projects. For time tracking and project management, i would like to suggest http://www.proofhub.com for freelancers. It is easy and feature rich.

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