12 Useful Articles and Tutorials for WordPress Mobile Friendly

Today, more people are accessing your site via their mobile phones than ever. And the trend is increasing. As a website owner, this trend is a sign for you to start create your website that enable a friendly mobile experience to users.

Previously, we have collected 7 Best WordPress Mobile themes. And today, we have 12 useful articles that explain how to easily convert your wordpress website to mobile friendly version.

Converting WordPress to Be Mobile-Friendly

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By David Radovanovic
As mobile devices become less of a luxury and more of a necessity, the bottom line is becoming obvious: your fixed-width WordPress theme needs to be responsive. Now’s the time to seriously consider converting your WordPress theme to be mobile-friendly. This tutorial will show you the basic steps to make your site fluid.

How to create a mobile WordPress theme with jQuery Mobile

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By Jean-Baptiste Jung
Last month, jQuery Mobile was released. This tool allows you to easily create mobile websites and web apps. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a mobile-optimized WordPress theme.

Quick-Tip: Natively Detecting iPhone Users in WordPress

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By Joe Parker
With the rapid growth of smart phone users, it has become increasingly important in web development to ensure visitors who access your website through handheld devices are catered to appropriately. There are a number of ways in which these visitors can be targeted, and in this tutorial we will explore creating a function to natively detect iPhone users in WordPress.

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly (And Keep Your Readers Happy)

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By Shane Ketterman
Is your website content ready for mobile devices? By the year 2013, forecasts predict that there will be 1.7 billion mobile internet users.
So how can you make sure your site is up to par for all those mobile readers out there? Here are some quick improvements you can make, starting today.

WordPress and Tablets: Optimising Now and Looking to the Future

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By Connor Turnbull
Tablets are becoming more popular as each day passes and more people are turning to them for the consumption of web-based content. Across Tuts+, we’ve already discussed in several articles how to design with these new tablet devices in mind. Today, we’re going to revisit the topic of considered tablet design and look at it in the context of WordPress.

Redirect Mobile Users to a Mobile WordPress Theme

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By Chris Coyier
Let’s say you want to have a special theme for your WordPress site for mobile users. You don’t want to use a pre-canned solution or anything third-party, you just want to create and design the theme yourself. So what you need to happen is for the site to detect mobile users and server up an alternate theme instead. Here is how I might do it.

How To Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By Siobhan McKeown
Useful tips and resources with helpful review that will help you in creating wordpress mobile friendly.

Tutorial: Making your WordPress blog Android and iPhone friendly

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By Clark Wimberly
This article is intended for those who already have a web or WordPress background. If you don’t quite understand how to put together your own templates, this might not be for you. For a long time we used the excellent plug-in WPtouch, which is a great solution for those uncomfortable with building from scratch. This isn’t a simple fix, we are going to get our hands dirty.

WordPress Tutorial: Mobile Theme

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By Georgie
With WordPress, you can have a simple, easy-to-install mobile theme that is viewable on a number of user-agents including the iPhone, iPod, Aspen, some Blackberries and Opera Mini. You can even add more user-agents if you want. Of course, you will need to install the plugin WPtouch. The explanations on this settings page should be easy to understand. In this article, I will only be going through the important ones.

Making Your WordPress Mobile Friendly with WPtouch Pro

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By WPBeginner
What if you could easily make your WordPress blog work like a custom iOS webapp that was specially designed for mobile devices? With WPtouch 2 Pro, you can do this quicker and easier than before.

11 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By WPBeginner
In this article, we will share some ways you can create a mobile friendly version of your WordPress blog for your users and for yourself.

16 Tools for Accessing WordPress On The Go With iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

WordPress Mobile Friendly Tutorials

By Sarah Gooding
Today we’re going to do a little check-in on the state of WordPress mobility. This overview includes up-to-date tools that are ready to use with the most recent versions of WordPress. The methods you select to transform your WordPress installation for mobile devices will depend on the demographic of your users, how they are accessing your site, and for what purpose.

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