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WordPress Slideshow Plugin is a new premium plugin that makes creating slideshows, photo galleries and 3d carousel picture galleries a snap. Essentially it’s an easy to work with photo slideshow player produced for WordPress and it allows the creation of an unlimited amount of slideshows. After the plugin is installed and images are uploaded, you are given shortcode to use in any page or post to create a slideshow, gallery or 3d carousel.

wordpress slideshow plugin review

WordPress slideshow plugin is extremely flexible in the configuration settings allowing you to adjust size of the slideshow and option to add into a widget. The short code looks like this:

[slideshow id="2" width="500" height="400"].

As you can see, you can also resize the slideshows on the fly with this short code by adjusting the width and height parameters. Galleries and carousels can be added by including:

slider="3D” and slider="gallery"

into the shortcode.

The Features

Lets look at the main features of the plugin:

  • Jquery based for fast loading
  • Add as many slideshows, galleries or carousels to pages and posts as you want
  • Adjust individual slideshows width and height on the fly with short code
  • Option to add music to slideshows
  • Options to show thumbnails on page load or on hover or not at all
  • Easily change the font size, colors, title and description of images
  • Upload as many photos as you desire
  • Add a location map
  • Ability to link each picture to an specified URL
  • Option to add a Black Bar
  • Upload multiple photos at once and easily change the order

The Administration Panel

The administration panel is where the magic happens as there are a load of different configuration settings to create the perfect slideshow for specific pages or posts.

wordpress slideshow plugin review

wordpress slideshow plugin review

wordpress slideshow plugin review

WordPress slideshow is a great solution for designer, photographer, travel, real estate or any kind of presentation based websites. Try out this WordPress Slideshow Plugin today and see for yourself.


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