11 Useful WordPress Plugins for Writers Blog

WordPress is one of the rare content management systems that has found loyal fan bases in virtually every industry, profession, career, or enterprise. Indeed, do a Google search for literally anything followed by WordPress and you will find a devoted niche community. One of these indebted groups is mostly certainly writers, who across the board, from journalists to bloggers to novelists, can use WordPress to vet content, attract followers, keep track of stats and experiment with new online interactive forms of written expression.

Writers WordPress Plugins

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In addition to fast network connection and a solid web hosting solution, few things could be more important to an online writer than WordPress.
Here is a list of the most useful and powerful plugins WP offers to its writing niche:

1. Copyright Proof

This plugin offers certification of copyright for every piece of content you publish on WP. For anyone who’s paranoid that they’re losing ownership of their posts, Copyright Proof establishes a copyright—since it’s kind of weird to mail yourself a hard copy of a blog post.

2. EditFlow

Writers WordPress Plugins

EditFlow basically acts as your own in-house editorial team, which you can customize for specific tasks. Its features include a content calendar, custom statuses, editorial comments, editorial metadata, story budgets, and user groups. It’s a great way for a writer to stay on track during a project.

3. Published Articles Since Last Visit

This plugin works specifically to make sure returning readers are being presented with content they will be interested in. This is accomplished by message configuration, Google Analytics, and Feedburner. Return visitors are shown the most recent posts of yours that they have missed based upon what they’ve read in the past.

4. AP Style Dates and Times

The AP plugin acts as an editorial team for style and correct punctuation of dates and times. It correctly abbreviates times and months in accordance with AP style, as well as providing optional features for using words like “noon” and “midnight” instead of their numerical analogues.

5. Scribe

Writers WordPress Plugins

Scribe is really an SEO plugin, but that’s important for writers too! Scribe optimizes content for the web by analyzing web pages, blog posts and search engine traffic. If you’ve ever struggled to understand the role of keywords, headers, metadata, and tagged media, Scribe could be your best friend.

6. WassUp

Writers WordPress Plugins

WassUp features an admin console that allows you to keep an eye on who is visiting your site in real time. The basic principle is to give you an idea of what readers do on your blog. This includes providing “Visitors Details”, a geo-location ajax “Spy” tool, “Current Visitors Online”, and good customization features and sidebar widgets.

7. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is more of a social media plugin but, like SEO, this is important for the writer to think about. BuddyPress basically turns your blog into a miniature Facebook. Visitors can sign up and create a profile, post messages, connect with others, and build groups—all on your blog. A writer with a loyal following would be wise to implement this plugin.

8. Akismet

Akismet is a spam-checker that moderates your comments, giving spammers the axe. You can still look at what is being filtered and decide to approve it or not. You can also provide feedback to Akismet, which will help alter its filters for the future. Akismet is a great way to keep your blog cleansed of unwanted marketing and affiliate links.

9. LinkWithin

Writers WordPress Plugins

This plugin acts as a blog widget underneath each post which allows you to link to your own related stories from your archive.

10. Query Posts

Query Posts is a writer-friendly PHP developer that allows bloggers more control over how their content is displayed.

11. RB Internal Links

Writers WordPress Plugins

This plugin makes it easy to link to posts and pages within your blog without having to bother with the URL or any HTML.

These plugins work on a variety of levels, for a variety of different administrative and creative tasks. You can use them to help you tailor your writing style, the focus of your blog posts and the tags you use. You can use them to keep track of who is reading your blog, what posts they’re interested in, and what links they’re clicking on. And you can use them to build a blogging community of readers who are interested in the niche category of your choosing.

- Written by Jenna Smith -

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  1. OrangAkaun says:

    I would like to suggest;

    NRelate for related post

  2. It looks like Published Articles Since Last Visit and LinkWithin is a good plugin to increace page views. I use SEO ALRP by Poerwedi Kurniawan and SimpleReach, but it’s looks like not really powerful :)

    Thanks Eko :)

  3. May I suggest for future articles to include a note if a plugin involves one time or recurring fees?

    I would also recommend putting down your thoughts as to the target market for a given plugin or why you picked one plugin over another.

    For example Edit Flow at http://editflow.org/ — for which you recommend — looks nice, but would it fit a web site where there was only one author? And why would someone use Edit Flow compared to the WordPress Editorial Calendar at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/editorial-calendar/ ?

    Thank you.

  4. parajumpers says:

    i am really want the wp plugins for the seo suit or the display control.that is very useful for my blog.

  5. The plugin is a good thing

  6. jesseevans says:

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