The Best Free Related Post WordPress Plugins

Related posts plugins are used to increase traffic to your website, they help in increasing clicks on your posts blog. Bloggers always use “Related Post Plugins” to increase impression of blog. There are many related posts plugins available on “WordPress Site”, each having unique features and benefits, like display a list of similar products (Related posts) below your blog article is a great way to draw attention to another article of your blog. Even older articles on a topic are featured again; new and useful information is not lost in the back pages of your blog.

Which Related Post Plugin is Right for Your Website?

Because as I said, there are plenty of plugins in the official plugin directory it is all about finding the right plugins for your own blog. Before deciding the appropriate plugin for your post, the following points need to be clarified:

  • Would you like the product itself when writing or editing a select item, or should the list be created automatically?
  • Want to determine where the list of similar items will be displayed exactly (by enabling the required PHP snippet into the template file itself, usually adding content-single.php)?
  • Do you want to show or as a plain text list of the similar items (thumbnail images) with thumbnails? Do you need a selection of prepared numerous display options?
  • Some plugins used for the evaluation of the similar products of your own database server, any other store this data on their own, external server and are thus less memory-intensive. What solution do you want to use?

In this post I have selected few of the best Related Post Plugins which are most recommended by bloggers to increase site traffic, and also to improve your site exploration:

#1. Yet another Related Post Plugin

Best Free Related Post WordPress Plugins

The Yet Another Related Posts Plugins is a great option if you want to select for each article itself should be displayed as a similar article which items. This of course means more work when writing the article, but also gives you the most control over whether really related products in the list are displayed.

Here in “Yet another Related Post Plugin” the template doesn’t require editing. The relevancy is excellent .In the settings there are many options provided in the plugin before configuring it, like in writing settings conversion of emotions in to graphics is available along with “Press this app option” an app which is available in browser and is used for grabbing images, video’s from any page. In this plugin, one can configure display settings from front page to last page, along with adjustment of search engine visibility. In discussion setting tab, one can adjust link notification and comments setting, allowing the blogger to adjust links and comments accordingly in the blog or site.

In the Media options for image adjustments in large or small size with pixels are available, which helps blogger to adjust images in blog with appropriate pixels and size. In my view Related Posts for WordPress is a good choice if you have not written too many articles in your blog or just begin with a brand new blog. For larger blogs automatic selection of similar items is probably more appropriate.

#2. Related Posts for WordPress

Best Free Related Post WordPress Plugins

The “Related Posts for WordPress” is a great option if you want to select for each article itself should be displayed as a similar article which items. This of course means more work when writing the article, but also gives you the most control over whether really related products in the list are displayed.

This plugin offer quite innovative and different feature which not only make site quite user friendly abut also improves site traffic. Few of its features are given below:

  • Finds content related pages with its powerful search functionality
  • Easy to handle relations
  • Handling of customized Posts
  • It has quite good Widget Support
  • Short Code Support for related post short codes

This plugin allows users to customize site with mobile themes .This powerful plugin makes it super easy to manually select related posts for your content. You can search and select posts that fit your criteria, all of the recording / editing screen. Create a system of related articles on your site will result in more page views per unique visitor, and Google will enhance understanding of the content.

#3. nRelate Related Content Plugin

Best Free Related Post WordPress Plugins

nRelate Related content is one of the best WordPress plugin to display appropriate related posts. Related Content plugin is quite optimized and presents only relevant content related content. This plugin allows users to generate money for sponsored posts on your web site. The plugin nrelate related content actually analyzed the articles on your blog and a list of related posts seen in the current history of your visitors. If desired, you can also blog posts on your blogroll.

nRelate plugin is not only help the reader see the most appropriate content, but increases the number of page views of your blog. There are already hundreds of related posts plugin. But it is recommended to try it. You would surely love it. It cannot be regarded as the best plugin, but worth a try.

Few of nRelate plugin main features are as follows:

  • You can automatically show the similar content before or after each item
  • They offer a small code that you can include in your post to show related articles
  • Once you activate this plugin. Then, you can also use the widget if you want related posts on your blog sidebar or footer
  • You can also nRelate similar function in your theme files with their codes

nRelate plugin is not only work with English blogs. It can be used with blogs with different languages. The languages ​​supported by this plugin: Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

After activating the plugin, it does not take much time to analyze its content and Ping host is automatically added to your list of Update Services. So if you make a new post on your blog, which will be immediately notified and update their index. It helps the entire contents of the new index very quickly. Content related to your dashboard to offer some excellent features.

#4. Wp-Thumbie – Related Posts with thumbnails for WordPress

Best Free Related Post WordPress Plugins

Wp-Thumbie shows messages in a different way, with a very clean and attractive layout. It shows a list of related posts thumbnail generated, and you can also show the post excerpt. Wp-Thumbie comes with many features like it can show related posts with thumbnail images of large post titles in each blog post. You can also display the number of posts for each blog content.

Its main features include:

  • Edit ad Related Posts with image automatically in content / feed, no need to template files
  • You can manually add code to your template where you want the Wp-Thumbie
  • Delete messages categories
  • Delete display related posts thumbnails of pages
  • Delete pages in thumbnail related posts list
  • Related posts on content and post title based
  • Set the size of the thumbnail image (width and height)
  • Enable / Disable article excerpt (extract messages automatically)
  • defining the length of the post section
  • Different style for displaying thumbnail related posts
  • Thumbnail Display posts related to RSS Feeds (Styling issue)
  • To view pictures from external websites that use ALLOW_ALL_EXTERNAL_SITES set to true in timthumb.php should (use it as your own risk)

By using Wp-Thumbie you any custom field or PHP code used in your blog content or function file, because it works automatically. If you show related posts in sidebars or other area of ​​your WordPress theme you want done manually with the settings of the plugin. You can delete categories and tags pages, if you do not want to see how your related posts.

#5. Related Posts Thumbnails

Best Free Related Post WordPress Plugins

The advantage of Related Posts with thumbnail display is clear. Especially in blogs that live among others of photos, the users are always looking for interesting images. Since the conventional related posts are always displayed as text and most users are notoriously lazy reader, the use of such images extension could significantly increase click-through rates. To increase the click-through rates, must not be an advantage in terms of Ad sense absolutely straight. But there are not only just for Ad sense and CPM, or courses, PPS are higher Pi’s of course not necessarily a disadvantage.

This plugin uses the WordPress thumbnail system. In short, it takes the first image of the post, the thumbnail. You can choose ‘Preview’ and ‘options mean. “Capacity, the number of messages to be displayed. Automatic shutdown attaching to the end of the post and tag in php loop of your theme.

This plugin adds related posts thumbnails after the post. Plugin manages small sizes display settings and the type of relationship. By default, WordPress displays the first image in the post, which was sent to the server settings from the media. You can choose the size of the “Preview” and “medium”. Also, if your theme supports post thumbnails feature introduced in WordPress 2.9, you can specify the size of custom thumbnail.


Related Posts Plugins are very popular as a method for users to WordPress related content displayed at the end of their contributions, the reader with additional relevant content. Usually use Post Tags related posts plugin to compare and find the messages that are related to the position currently displayed. Please don’t forget to share your ideas and views about “Best Related Post Plugins”.

How do you think about Related Post Plugins for WordPress. We will highly appreciate your comments.

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  1. Maureen Dudley says:

    Great Collection, I have’nt tried all of them yet,I have used 1st one before love this plugin because it increases page views easily. Thumbnails work great if you have a visual audience. Business related audiences really enjoy the quick links to other articles. Thank you!

  2. Carl says:

    Great list, thanks for posting. Related post plugins are a MUST for bloggers; for me, it’s the primary way I do internal links. I do try to write breadcrumbs straight into my posts as well, doing embedded text internal links and such, but related post suggestions at the end of an article are an absolute must. Brought my bounce rate from 80% to about 10% overnight.

  3. Maureen Dudley says:

    Thanks for thie post I use YARRP but Related Posts Thumbnails looks cool too. I might try that on one of my other sites.

  4. Ashley Rose says:

    Great Informative article.I have been using the nRelate Related Posts, and Flyout plugins in my blog for the past one year, works great on my site.

  5. mayur says:

    Thank for the Post,Now I have to use this important plugin

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