5 Best Free WordPress Caching Plugins

As Website owner you are always looking for the best ways to increase page speed of your WordPress Websites. WordPress cache plugins play important role in it, not only they are free but they also increase the page speed. Websites with lot of content may also suffer performance with the increase of load time. WordPress cache plugin usage is the best way to overcome load time factors and also to increase traffic to site.

Which Cache plugin is best for your website?

There is plenty of plugins available in WordPress plugin directory to speed up WordPress websites/blogs. Choosing the best one for your website depends upon various factors, few of them are as follows:

  • Cache should generate static HTML files for maximizing page load speed.
  • Cache plugin should use less CPU resources.
  • The plugin should have complete set of documentation and manuals.
  • It should have interactive interface for usage.
  • It should fix DB cache to maximize page loading speed.
  • The plugin should offer features to minimize source code and it should offer updates on regular basis.

In this post I’ve selected some of the best WordPress cache plugins that most bloggers and developers recommended to increase page speed on the website/blog:

#1. W3 Total Cache

Best WordPress Caching Plugins

W3 Total Cache know as caching plugin, offers most known features for caching in WordPress. This plugin offers multiple configuration options which helps developers to setup most optimal setting for blog./site. It offers maximum features to speed up optimizing. It temporarily stores CSS files, Java scripts and compresses them to maximize speed.

It offers featured settings for page caching, DB caching, Object caching, CDN and varnish. It offers several features to import and export configuration file for the blog/website. It also offers CSS bundled features. In this plugin caching is enabled by default. It also works with Content delivery network to improve website performance.

Its Interface is extremely comfortable for beginners but also for experts. Its advance features can reduce bandwidth and maximize performance of the site. This plugin improves user experience level by:

  • Maximizing server performance.
  • Minimizing download times.
  • Offering Integration services with CDN (Content Delivery Network).

#2. WP Super Cache

Best WordPress Caching Plugins

WP Super Cache is one of most famous WordPress cache plugin used by many different users all over network. WP Super Cache is a page cache plugin that offers several options, including page caching and CDN. This plugin is easy to configure and does not requires lot of technology know-how of the administrator panel. It uses three different methods of caching, “pattern usage” is the best of the three options (via PHP). In contrast W3TC it does not creates a compressed version of the file cache.

This plugin works as a page cache, which means that it creates static HTML files. These files are stored and then replaced when the specified time has expired. The usage of this plugin is very simple and installation is quite easy and takes less time for configuration. It offers splitting features for WP-cache files. It automatically disables gzip compression. Most importantly its static files can be easily regenerated. It offers most advanced mod_ rewrite setting that includes:

  • Caching for PHP files.
  • Option for compressing pages.
  • Disabling caching of excising users.
  • Support of CDN (Content Delivery Network).

#3. DB Cache Reloaded Fix

Best WordPress Caching Plugins

This plugin is improved version of its previous version DB cache Reloaded. It produces cache of database queries with easy plugin configuration. This saves all queries database with in given lifetime. It is much faster than other html caching plugins and uses less disk space for caching. Interface of DB cache is quite interactive offers maximum optimizing features.

DB Cache offers easy installation features and optimizing features, it relies most on database caching. This plugin always assures that the user always finds latest improved version of webpage with best page speed. User can always enable and disable caching and customize setting accordingly. This plugin is effective in minimizing source code to stay up to date.

This plugin is also available in maximum translators like English, French, Polish, Italian, Portagese, Spanish, Dutch and Turkish etc.

#4. Quick Cache

Best WordPress Caching Plugins

Quick Cache is presented as practical and effective caching plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. It is fully installed in the category that effectively builds a cache for every web page, post and links etc. and they are spontaneously listed and cached for future usage. It reduces the processing time for designing website. Basically it brings down the processing time for web pages.

It manages cached pages with regards to sign-in users or for user how have left website. It also offers comprehensive support for auto sitemap caching. It has quite friendly user interface, easy to configure and manage. Along with other caching features it allows double caching and dynamic caching. Some of the silent features of this plugin are as follows:

  • It does not removes the pages from cache for users who are logged in or have left.
  • It allows faster display of the blog/site.
  • It is quite beneficial for beginners and also for experts.

#5. Hyper Cache Extended

Best WordPress Caching Plugins

Hyper Cache Extended is a new cache plugin for WordPress users who have low resources for managing blogs with regards to hosting on servers. The plugin keeps both simple and a gzip page, which is an ideal choice for those who are using shared hosting plans with limited bandwidth.

This plugin is frequently used by most of the website developers not only for speeding up pages load time but also for managing resources up to optimum state. Its interface is quite user friendly and offers full optimizing options. The users can easily download the plugin and configure it. It allows configuration of site with regards to mobile devices. It improves page load time in mobile devices. It offers most of the advance features which other featured plugins lack few of them are as follows:

  • It is compatible with WP-PDA plugin.
  • Handles gzip and plain compressed pages.
  • It has a special auto clean feature which helps in utilizing disk space.
  • It allows 404 caching.
  • It has Global translator compatibility.
  • It is easy to integrate with other featured WordPress plugins.
  • It manages file with compressed storage features which is helpful in managing resources.


WordPress Cache plugins usage is quite productive way to improve page speed and user interaction to the site. Most of the plugins are quite effective in managing resources of website on servers. They are quite easy to install and manage, interfaces are a quite user friendly, and offering featured service that not only manage domain usage but also manages data resources on server. Please don’t forget to add others “Best WordPress cache plugins” and also share your experience with us about WordPress cache plugins, which you have used in your blogs/sites, and we have missed to mention in this post.

- Written by Khalid -

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  1. bethany Crouch says:

    Nice Article,I have always used cache, but nice collection shown here,really helpful

  2. Midasmedia says:

    I’m always in two minds about cache plugins, they can cause more hassle than they’re worth.

    To be honest if you code your theme/template well and use a decent host, most of the time you don’t need a cache plugin.


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