Top WordPress Plugins To Make Your Theme Responsive

Pete Cashmore wasn’t fooling around when he said that 2013 is going to be the year of responsive web design. Apart from Mashable, several other companies recently adopted a responsive design for their respective sites.

Statista published a chart showing that people are using their smartphones to access the internet more than ever. Till now in 2013, the web traffic comprising of mobile device users is 17.4%. Last year it was only 11.1%, so the numbers represent a 6% increase within a year.

Consumer habits are changing quickly, so if you want to gain a competitive edge against your competitors (and monetize mobile traffic), go responsive as soon as possible.

For this purpose, you can either buy a pre-built responsive theme design or get a new one made depending on your preferences. Some creative agencies provide you with the option of a customized responsive design, which is discussed periodically on the DevFactory Twitter feed. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice the current theme design (because your readers love it or some other reason), a professional agency can also convert the current design into a responsive one.

Alternatively you can go for a plugin that makes your theme responsive. There are several plugin options available and the good news is that most of them come with a free version.

Top Plugins To Make Your Site Responsive The Frugal Way

#1. WPtouch

Top WordPress Plugins

WPtouch plugin doesn’t require any coding or modifications. You can simply install it from the ‘plugins’ section in your WordPress dashboard. It comes with complete ajax loading for the posts and images, and the mobile theme adapts beautifully to Android, BlackBerry, Palm and iOS devices.

The ‘Settings’ menu of the plugin lets you give users the option to switch between the mobile site and the desktop site. You can also choose a different color for the layout, the number of posts that you want to appear on the mobile display page and there’s also an option to insert ad units so it will help you in generating revenue from mobile traffic. The Pro version of WPtouch takes it up a notch by offering a theme for iPad, multiple language support, automatic updates and multiple WordPress site installation.

#2. WP Mobile Detector

Top WordPress Plugins

WP Mobile Detector supports up to 5,000 smartphones and tablets available to date. This plugin presents 9 different themes to choose from, and each of the themes resizes the content and images automatically. The free version also has support for multiple languages, web traffic statistics and site widgets.

There’s also a pro version available for WP Mobile detector, which allows you to take advantage of real-time user interactions. You can use the free version to test the plugin before making a decision to buy WP Mobile Detector Pro.

#3. WordPress Mobile Pack

Top WordPress Plugins

WordPress Mobile Pack comes with a native mobile switcher that can be used to set different themes for different visitors. WP Mobile Pack offers several different themes, widgets and a designated control panel which can be used to write new posts.

Posts are broken down into different pages and the images are rescaled depending on the device in use by the visitor. WP Mobile Pack only has a free version available.

#4. UppSite

Top WordPress Plugins

UppSite transforms your theme into a mobile app that is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phone. You can customize colors, texts, logos and most of the display layout.

This plugin also brings an advanced push notification system which notifies users whenever the site is updated, which can bring back visitors to your site. A comment box is also featured so users can engage in post comments as well. Uppsite is also free to use.

Is your web design responsive? Feel free to leave comments below.

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  1. Khalid Masood says:

    Responsive themes trend is improving a lot.. I like WP Mobile Detector,because of its real time user interface…thnx for sharing the post

  2. Deepak says:

    wow it’s really very nice and informative post. It was the biggest problem that how to make responsive theme but genius your post will help definitely. Thanks for sharing a nice post.

  3. Pallavi says:

    I never ever imagined that plug-ins also can make WP theme responsive now need to say good bye to developer. I will try these plug-ins for my own site. Thanks for sharing such a great post here.

  4. Mary says:

    Thanks God…Now I can make my site responsive through these plug-ins. Thanks for sharing such a inportant post.

  5. F Tonel says:

    I use WPtouch plugin on some of my website. But I have problem of compatibility with wp cache plugin. I wondered if you have the sample problem in your side.


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