Update Free WordPress Plugin: DynamicWP Pop-Up Menu Version 1.1

Today we’re glad to release another our most popular free wordpress plugin, DynamicWP Pop-Up Menu version 1.1. This Plugin will put your menu icons in a stack, placed in the bottom right corner of your page. if The stack clicked, a pop-up menu will appear with smooth effect.

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We would like to say thanks to readers for suggestions and inputs. Also especially for Didier77 who have helped us in developing this plugin..


  • Easy to use
  • No flash needed
  • Pop-Up navigation menu
  • Smooth effect
  • Left or right side (new!)
  • You can give space for the title (new!)
  • Support for wordpress 3.0+

You can download and see the plugin live demo here on DynamicWP Pop-Up Menu release page.

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8 Comments to “Update Free WordPress Plugin: DynamicWP Pop-Up Menu Version 1.1”

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  1. REZA says:

    good…Reza i need related posts in single…

  2. This is a great plugin. I’m glad I found this!

  3. asmm says:

    Keren gan!

    kirain bikinan orang luar!

    bisa bikinin plugins buat shipping wp-e-commerce donk? jadi bisa pake TIKI/JNE ..

    hehe ngarep :p

  4. Can’t downoald plugin((
    fix pls

  5. Jack Silvers says:

    Hi, I tried your plugin and update, the menu on my theme seems to change and become small. Is there something I’m missing? I’m using the over’all theme and WP 3.2.1 I love your plugin and want to implement it.

  6. xeth23 says:

    Hi to everyone, ;-)
    where can I put an IF with is_home() function to avoid display DynamicWP Pop-Up Menu on home page???


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