WordPress Theme Generator: Time Trial Custom WordPress Theme Creation.

The most common practices when it comes to designing custom WP themes, are centered on building on top of a base theme or framework, hence there’s a bounty of starter themes to be found, still, the base issue with these themes is their design, which is in most cases too simple and plain, with that mass production feel to them; that implies working and wasting time in both graphics and css coding to build a well designed and professional-looking theme. To ease such nuisances a new tool called WordPress Theme Generator comes forth with a solid and user-friendly interface, so you can create a custom theme in practically no time, enjoying the variety of more than 1000 predesigned elements and different layout options.

WPTheme Generator Review

WordPress Theme Generator is a master tool to create and design custom themes, for it comprises more than 1000 design elements at your disposal and supports your own uploaded designs if so you wish. Additionally you can download all your themes “with a full-of-features framework“ or save them for later review or edition, and while they are being kept within the tool’s interface, they are kept up-to-date with the latest framework releases. If time is of the essence and an even faster solution is required there’s a public themes gallery which has hundreds of professionally pre-designed themes that include layered .psd files.

WordPress Theme Generator Main Features

  • 1000+ Pre-designed elements
  • New design elements added daily
  • Change any design aspect with an easy to use interface
  • 50+ preloaded fonts to to choose from
  • Unlimited sidebars or widget areas
  • Saving, editing and downloading of the themes
  • Download in both WP & HTML/CSS
  • Always updated with the latest WP version
  • A powerful framework behind
  • Check all features

Framework Options

WPThemeGenerator Review

Within the theme you download using WPThemesGenerator there’s a powerful framework:

  • Bootstrap Ready (want more info on bootstrap?, please take a look)
  • Unlimited sidebars: Using the layout tool unlimited sidebars or widget areas can be created (both horizontal and/or vertical) and assigning them in a page by page basis.
  • 4 Sliders: 4 different slider types to choose from.
  • Custom logo and images: Upload your own personalized logo and slider images.
  • Featured slider: Select featured posts and they will appear in your slider. That easy.
  • Live edition window: You can decide whether to show a little sidebar in your site homepage (admin only), which allows direct edition of aspects of your theme like color, textures, etc.
  • Galleries page: You can create full featured galleries that come with categories and lightbox ready to use.
  • Portfolio & services pages: Easily create a portfolio or a services page (with categories)
  • Products Page: Selling your products never was easier, just add your products images, prices and they will be displayed in a products page (with categories)
  • Testimonials Page: Create testimonials from your users.
  • Contact form: A ready to use (spam free) contact form.
  • Social icons: Add social icons in seconds
  • Create GUI elements: Buttons, frames, lightboxes, quotes, sliders, tabbed content, menus, tooltips, highlights, notice boxes, warnings, and such.
  • and much more…

For the first-hand-experience take WordPress Theme Generator for a test ride.

Here, for WPThemeGenerator introduction video:

This tool has been created from the same guys behind iconshock and wordpressthemeshock

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  1. onlymovieshd says:

    really thanks helped me a lot :)

  2. linhdoan88 says:

    Nice post. Thank for sharing.

  3. CassusVastus says:

    They suck. Seems like it works until you sign up and try to download the templates and find out they don’t download properly, missing files and wrong images. Sometimes templates works and other times won’t even install at all. When it does the installation is horrific, adds pages and modifies your site. You don’t want to install their templates on a live site because it will screw it up and you’ll spend about two hours trying to figure out why your site is all messed up.
    I’m on day five of trying to get a refund with no luck. They keep e-mailing me back bullcrap messages offering me more crap or offering support. How about just giving back my money? The last message they sent me said they will get back to me when they have time. I’ll be opening a paypal dispute tomorrow if I don’t get my money back.

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